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Are you ready to become a Doer instead of a Talker?

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You are in the right place!

Become the best 
while achieving your dreams!


Empowering Dreams is built upon the 3 Key C`s to Success. Commitment, Consistency, and Community. With a mission to empower individuals through proper guidance and action so they may reach their full potential.  

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A graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, has over 10 years in social service and customer service experience.  ​As a serial entrepreneur and Founder of Youth Talk United Nonprofit Organization, my job is to help you get unstuck, see your potential to stop procrastinating so that you can achieve the goals of your dream!


I mean, who doesn’t want that right?


Far too often, I see so many entrepreneurs confused and unfocused about their goals. Though they want to break free of that feeling, it can sometimes feel like they`re doomed to stay in their comfort zones of not reaching their goals.  I personally know how that feels, and I have been that exact person. At times everything in my life seemed cluttered or not right, but with direction and balance, I change the way I look at things and the things I looked at change.


So today, I would like to help you break those comfort zones and become THE BEST YOU, while achieving your DREAMS!!!!



Feel free to contact me with any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Erika Perry
(205) 299-3531

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What are people saying about Empowering Dreams?

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"I'm so appreciative and thankful for your help"

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"Working with Ms. Perry was the best experience"

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"I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to speak with someone that didn't judge me but offered great advice and guidance"

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