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Enhance your mindset, enhance your performance!


Sports Wellness Program

Helping female athletes of all sports understand how mental wellness influences performance and learn how to apply mental strategies to enhance their overall success.

Let’s take a closer look at the research on teen sports and mental health in the area of teen depression. Most recently, a 2021 study involving data from 70,000 high school students found a direct link between sport and mental health. Moreover, research shows that team sports may be more supportive for athletes’ mental health than individual sports: One study found that young athletes in individual sports were almost twice as likely to report symptoms of depression (13 percent vs. 7 percent).

Those of you in the trenches working with student-athletes on a daily basis know the challenges they face – and you know that while student-athletes may play games, being a student-athlete isn’t a game at all. There’s more to being a student-athlete than just physical preparation and performance. As more media coverage, commentary, and public scrutiny are devoted to what student-athletes do off the field, along with the accompanying pressures to perform (and win games) on the field, student-athletes are inundated with factors that may affect their mental health and wellness.


As a sought-after transformational speaker, Coach Perry is available to support your youth female athletic department/program and administrators through in-person or virtual workshops & keynote events. 

Watch Coach Perry In Action!

Whether through a 90-minute, a half-day, or a full-day workshop, Coach Perry begins by understanding the goals of your team and the frustrations and challenges you face in leading today’s athletes. From there, Coach Perry customizes each event to help your coaches and administrators connect with their athletes, motivating them and providing strategies to address mental health and overall performance. 

For Administrators, Coaches & Staff of Female Athletes


For Female Athletes

Whether it's a virtual or in-person workshop, Coach Perry will support your athletes to:

-Develop an actionable plan to achieve their goals

-Become more aware of the impact that stress can have on athletic performance

-Learn how to use positive self-talk and relaxation techniques to improve focus and concentration

As a former athlete and years of experience supporting athletes at all levels, Coach Perry has seen firsthand how her program can help students achieve their goals.

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